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Friends and customers of Ruben Hunts…

Thank you for your support over the 25 years of sharing hunting experience at Ruben Hunts. We are back over commercial hunting of operation in San Fernando Valley Tamaulipas Mexico, at same place, same crew, always providing the top quality of hunting to our loyal customers, best regards to all of you…

Ruben Caballero

Is owned  and operated by Ruben Caballero guiding hunting and fishing trips for 25 years in the San Fernando Valley. offering the finest combination of whitewinged and mourning dove, wild
bobwhite quail, ducks and goose. His experience, personal attention and knowledge of the area and his advance scouting ensure the control of the best locations and leases.



Hot Barrel Whitewinged and mourning dove. Our area is the largest whitewinged population in the north of Mexico. The farming operation in the valley provides vest fields of sorghum, corn and wild food in the brush plus water holes crate a natural habitat for white winged anf flight after flight of mourning dove. keep stocked with ammo and cold beverage whenever you are thisty.


For mant years we oferring to our clients the 14 varieties species of decoying ducks-pintail. red head, widgeon, 3 species of teals, gad wall, tree ducks, the most reliable and steady hunt. the preparation and scouting ot he unique areas gives and excellent result. We still have very liberals limits. Shooting is from dry blinds 120-140 over big spread of decoys, well placed, usualy one or two person to a blind. A bird boy to recovery ducks. We cover the most and best premier land.


 San Fernado valley fields offer some ot the BEST challening hunting for wild bob white quail in nort America. Hunts are made along the fence rows, brush lines and wild open grass fiels. The PUSH-BRUSH operation by bird boys make unique with the aknowledge of the fiels. Our birdboys are attentive and bring most of the downed birds. You’ll flush 20 to 30 coveys per day and you don’t have to get upbefore down to do it.


Hunting is absolutely phenomanal withe the concentration of birds hat will stager any imagination. Fiels are prescounted daily to ensure the very best shooting. Hunting is from individuals pits using large spread of decoys or freshwater pouds, there are speckell bellies, snow, blues and ross. You’ll truly have to experience it to believe it.


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